Downtown Memphis

I’m almost embarrassed to say that until a week ago I didn’t have any pictures of downtown Memphis. And I’ve lived in Memphis my entire life. I’m not exactly sure why I’ve never stopped to photograph downtown Memphis. But now I have. There is still so much more to capture, like Beale Street, for instance. Beale Street looks much better after dark and the Grizzlies were hosting a playoff game this particular day so I wasn’t about to try to tackle Beale Street that night.

From the bridge to The Pyramid to the GO GRIZZ on the First Tennessee Building, Memphis has an incredible skyline.  In my opinion, the best spot to view the skyline is from the old bridge, or more specifically, the train bridge that runs alongside the old bridge. My friend reminded me that to get the shot that no one else has, you have to go where no one else has gone. To that, we considered hiking down the train bridge to get the best angle, but we weren’t exactly sure what we would have done if a train came rolling through. Our Plan B was to pull up Google maps to find the next best location. We found what we thought was a dirt road leading down to the river. It turns out that this wasn’t exactly a “road” and we had to walk a half mile or so through a rice field in Arkansas to get to this viewpoint. Also, we may or may not have been trespassing in that rice field.


Before it got dark, we hit up Main Street and the Main Street Mall. That part of Memphis is known for its trolleys. We waited for what seemed like an eternity to get a shot of a trolley coming through the Main Street Mall. It wasn’t meant to be.

Like I said, there is still much more of my hometown to capture, but this is a start.


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