Downtown Nashville, TN

Like I’ve said before, I was in Nashville for three weeks for work. I walked around and photographed downtown Nashville as much as I could during my free time. I wasn’t exactly sure how far from my hotel I should venture, so I stayed fairly close. Nashville is one of those places where you can be in a good part of town for blocks and then one block further and you’ve gone too far, but if you keep going, you’ll be back in another good part of town.

I’ve already posted photos from The Arcade and my drive to Gallatin the last week I was there. I went down to 2nd Avenue a few times for dinner, but I never took my camera and looking back, I regret that. I tried going to Broadway one afternoon, but couldn’t find anywhere to park because the Predators were playing that night and the area around their arena was already packed. When that fell through, I headed to The Parthenon.  I got there only to find that they were setting up for an event that night.

It wasn’t all bad luck though. I had a couple of successful evenings. One of the main attractions of downtown Nashville is the Capital Building. It was just a few blocks from my hotel, so it was easy to get to. Due to that, I took several shots on a couple of different days.

Across the street from the Capital is the Legislative Plaza.  The Legislative Plaza is also home to a War Memorial.

Before coming to Nashville, I knew I enjoyed taking pictures of all things urban. However, I didn’t really have a favorite style. During my walks around Nashville, I decided that if I had to shoot one thing and one thing only from here on out, it would be black and white urban scenes. The shots below aren’t incredible or anything, but they are a start, and I like them enough to maybe develop a go-to style or photo genre. What do you think? Are you a fan of black and white urban photos?



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