The Arcade, Nashville, TN

The Arcade is a neat little place.  It’s basically an alley that runs perpendicular to a back alley that I used as a shortcut between my hotel and the corporate office I was at for two weeks.  The upper level of The Arcade is full of individual art galleries…interpretive art galleries is probably the best way to describe it.  Don’t hold me to that though, because outside of photography, I am not an art person so I could be totally wrong.  The lower level has many different types of shops.  There is a post office, smoke shop, coffee shop, fresh market, shoe repair shop, restaurant, and an old Planters Peanuts store.

The first time I went to photograph The Arcade, I waited too long.  They had already closed.  Not too far from The Arcade is a diner called the Back Alley Diner.  This became my go-to place during those two weeks.  At this point, the sun was setting and I was already out with my camera so I decided to take a few shots of B.A.D.  I pictured what I would want a photo of B.A.D. to look like every morning and afternoon that I walked past it.  Of course, the shot of B.A.D. that I like the most is nothing like the images I had pictured in my head.

(click to see full size image)

I ended up lucking out with The Arcade closing so early.  I did not know that the entire roof was made of windows.  I would have missed out on a lot of natural light had I tried to take pictures at sunset.  I happened to get off early the next day so I ran to my room to grab my camera and went back to The Arcade.

I pretty much walked the entire place twice, once upstairs and once downstairs and took pictures of nearly everything from every possible angle.  These are the ones that turned out the best.  I am incredibly picky about the photos I take.  The picture below is probably the first non-portrait picture that I’ve taken that I would actually consider printing and hanging on a wall in my home.

One of the restaurants in The Arcade.

I love how the only light in the picture below is from the sun coming in through the roof.

I’m not sure why, but I was drawn to this Planters Peanut shop.  Here are a couple of different shots that I took with my iPhone.

So that’s The Arcade…a pretty cool little gem somewhat hidden in an alley in downtown Nashville.


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