Max Caldwell Park, Gallatin, TN

Man, it’s been too long since I’ve taken the ole camera out of the camera bag. It’s been even longer since I’ve blogged or posted photos. I was working in Nashville, one of my favorite cities, over the past three weeks. A couple of co-workers and I stopped by Max Caldwell Park in between Gallatin and Hendersonville after work one day. As soon as we pulled in, I saw one Great Blue Heron near the shore so I headed straight for him.  However, I didn’t get very close before I scared him off.

I waited for him to land and then snapped a couple of shots (above) before looking around for something else to capture.  I saw another Heron, a huge Heron, a couple hundred yards away.  I slowly walked towards him.  The closer I got, the more still he got.  I thought he was watching me and I figured he was about to take off.  If that was the case, I was going to be ready to start shooting.  It turns out that he was fishing.  Lucky for me, I already had my camera up to my eye.  The next thing I knew, his head was underwater so I started snapping shots.

I had to thank my co-workers for this, they made me go back up to my hotel room and get my camera.  I was just going to leave it in the room that day.


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