project 365: days 26 – 32

I’ve really gotten behind on my Project 365.  My main priority lately has been to make sure everything is together and ready to go to the hospital when my wife goes into labor.  Now that I have that done and we are just sitting around playing the waiting game, I decided to start catching up.  I really hoped to actually get my camera out and take one picture a day, but now that’s out the window so I’m just hope to take and post that 365th picture on the 365th day.  That said, here are pictures 25-32.

Here are pictures of our nursery.  Most of you have probably already seen them, but I figured I’d post them here since they were taken after day 25.

Polo trying his best to get comfortable since he didn't have a lap to plop down on at the moment.

38 Week Belly Shot


2 thoughts on “project 365: days 26 – 32

  1. Your main priority has NOT been getting everything ready for the hospital!! It has been watching the World Cup!! 🙂 I still love you, babe!

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